4 Signs Of An Unfaithful Partner

4 Signs Of An Unfaithful Partner

In an age of smartphone technology, hectic social gatherings, and constant interaction, it’s no surprise that many individuals become suspicious of their partner’s actions away from the domestic space. Although you may be accused of nosiness, paranoia, or even your own infidelity, unfortunately many people who suspect their significant other of cheating are eventually proven correct. As much as you may trust your partner, the workplace, gym, or local bar are all frequent locations for an affair to begin.

If you’re in any doubt that your boyfriend, wife, or long-term spouse is being unfaithful, P E L Consultancy Services are equipped with the experience to investigate. Continue reading to discover 4 prominent signs that your other half may be cheating, and how our unique service can be of assistance.

An Increased Focus On Appearance

If your partner is suddenly paying much more attention to their physical appearance, or undertaking a dramatic transformation for no real reason, they may be trying to impress someone else. Although there are of course other reasons that your significant other may be paying particular attention to their looks, if they always go that extra mile for meetings with a certain client, or they start dressing differently without explanation, you may be onto something.

White Lies

White lies can quickly snowball, and despite the perceived harmlessness of minor fibs and untruths, an insignificant lie may simply be the tip of the iceberg. If your partner tells you that they were working late or grabbing some shopping, and you know that this simply wasn’t the case, you may have just stumbled upon a massive red flag. This could be particularly worrying if they work overseas, with a cheating spouse likely to make you feel insecure by suggesting you’re overthinking while they’re away.

A Lack Of Detail

If your husband or girlfriend is going into far less detail about their days, you may have a sufficient reason to be suspicious. Surveillance from P E L Consultancy Services will give you a solid answer when you’re worried about what your partner is up to in their free time, and by acting with complete discretion, your concerns will remain fully confidential. We don’t just offer reassurances through word-of-mouth either – photographic evidence will be featured in our reports where appropriate.

Protective Of Phones And Devices

Not all affairs start in-person, and for many cheaters, their infidelity may develop via text conversation, or might even begin online. For these reasons, an unfaithful partner may be overly protective of their gadgets and devices, changing their passwords, never leaving the phone unattended, or they may even own several handsets.

Are doubt and suspicion chipping away at your relationship? Or do you have reservations about your partner’s whereabouts whenever they change plans unexpectedly? P.E.L Consultancy Services are here to put an end to your doubts. Offering pre-nuptial and matrimonial investigations, our experienced private investigators are secretive and efficient, getting to the bottom of your suspicions with everything from digital forensics, to surveillance of a cheating spouse. Contact us today for more information.

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