A Quick Guide To Security & Close Protection Services

A Quick Guide To Security & Close Protection Services

When it comes to travel of any sort, be it local or international, for pleasure or for business, it is your right to feel safe and relaxed. For certain individuals, such as those of celebrity or VIP status, additional services and precautions are required to ensure their safety and peace of mind when in public spaces.

It is in these situations that extra personal security services such as close protection may be required. This allows individuals for whom the care and safety of their families and of themselves are of higher concern.

Close protection services may perform a number of different roles depending on the needs of the client, and the specifics of their situation. Here is PEL Consultancy Services’ guide to security and close protection services.

What Is Close Protection?

Put simply, close protection is the implementation of personal security personnel for the safety of an individual or group. Whilst the role of a close protection operative will vary from client to client, it usually involves the discreet monitoring of a situation at all times, assessing threat levels and potential dangers to the individual at hand.

A trained personal security guard will be experienced in a multitude of potentially threatening situations with expert knowledge in numerous areas from threat management to evasive driving.

What’s more, a trustworthy and experienced event security and close protection service will work with the client to formulate a plan that ensures maximum safety at all times, whether at a stationary location or in transit.

When Is Close Protection Needed?

There are countless scenarios which could require the services of licensed personal security operatives. Most often, however, close protection services will be sought out for political figures, high-profile individuals and their families.

Close protection services will vary depending on the client’s requirements. These could range from basic protection and threat management during business travel and public outings, to round-the-clock bodyguard services covering the management of restaurant reservations and other situations in which discretion and safety are of the utmost importance.

Close Protection In London And The UK: PEL Consultancy Services

When it comes to the security of you, your family and your associates, it is crucial to use the services of experts. Here at PEL Consultancy Services, we take pride in providing only the most professional and discrete protection to our clients.

With decades of experience as close protection operatives and private investigators, fully SIA licensed security personnel and bespoke client plans, we strive for 100% satisfaction at all times.

If you require close protection, look no further than PEL Consultancy Services. Get in touch with our friendly and professional team today.

Call us on 0203 432 0207 or send an email to info@pelconsultancyservices.co.uk.

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