Bug Sweeping


You want to know if your home is safe from hidden cameras and listening devices.

If you can’t see it, how do you know it’s there? Hidden surveillance equipment could be watching or recording you right now. The use of hidden cameras and microphones is on the rise. These devices are used to spy on private conversations, monitor your movements and even record you in intimate situations.

PEL Consultancy Services will sweep for covert devices in any location where privacy is a concern. Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art technology to locate and remove all types of electronic surveillance equipment, including hidden cameras and listening devices.

If required, we produce daily or weekly progress reports and monitor the results with our client.
Bug Detection Services

We can detect the presence of a hidden camera, or a listening bug, as well as hidden a GPS car tracker. We electronically and methodically search a home, office, or car for hidden bugging devices. We find all types of covert spy devices including the latest digital wireless surveillance devices. Our electronic bug detection service is offered UK wide to both private clients who believe their house, apartment or car is being bugged. We provide our services to commercial clients who feel their meeting room, boardroom or offices are under surveillance and being secretly bugged and their confidential conversations are being listened to and compromised.

Professional surveillance tactics and procedures may involve:

  • Asset and vehicle tracking using live GPS trackers
  • Recording via CCTV, sound recording surveillance devices or spy cameras.
  • Cyber-surveillance. This service applies to both personal and corporate clients who wish to determine the exact manner their computers are being used.
  • Discrete trailing. This is particularly common in matrimonial investigations.
  • Background checks. This gives a PI in-depth information on the subject and allows them to predict and analyse certain behavioural patterns.

P.E.L Consultancy Services are here to help ease your mind and find you the answers you need. So, whether you suspect your office has been bugged or you’re having trouble with information leaks, we can help.


Particularly useful to legal cases, counter surveillance is the ability to thwart the efforts of a third party to carry out surveillance missions on you or your PI. This might include identifying and removing listening devices while ensuring your actions do not attract any attention—most private investigators are experts at spotting devices and removing them.

Counter surveillance involves detecting equipment using different types of technological sweeps, including:

  • Bug sweeping using bug detectors.
  • Identifying and removing live real time tracking devices on vehicles or mobile phones.
  • GPS sweeps
  • Protection from eavesdropping (eg: phone tapping)

The kind of people who may be under surveillance as high net worth individuals, spouses going through a divorce or suspected of infidelity, suspects in a criminal investigation or employers at the head of dissatisfied employees.

If you suspect that your company, employee, family member or spouse has placed you under surveillance, it’s a good idea to get in contact with a professional investigator who can help you determine if this is the case and present you with options.

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24/7 Investigation Services
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Expert Investigators
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24/7 Investigation Services
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P.E.L Consultancy Services extensively trains their staff to carry out covert and undercover surveillance to the highest degree of ability, discretion and confidentiality. These services are of particular interest to corporate organisations who wish to keep their activities and intelligence gathering as discrete a possible to protect their commercial interests.

With trusted, expert operatives from a wealth of various backgrounds who meet exacting standards, P.E.L Consultancy Services are leaders in the field of covert surveillance services, using the latest technologies and placing legality and ethics above all alongside the client’s priorities. 

We’re proud to deliver unrivalled surveillance to our clients, helping them and their loved ones or businesses reach certainty and success.


Our fully vetted and qualified team of highly experienced private investigators have dealt with many challenging situations and are capable and experienced in even the most complex of civil, criminal and domestic cases. With a proven track record of success, you can rest assured you will be getting the best overt and covert surveillance services from a team of professionals.

From our offices in London but able to operate fluently across Europe and worldwide, with expert operatives and resources stretched across the globe, P.E.L specialises in finding out the truth and helping you find solutions to your problems. There are few situations we haven’t seen before. More importantly, whatever your circumstances we can advise on how a private investigator can assist you in a legal, affordable and time-efficient manner.

Hiring a private investigator can give you the peace of mind you deserve. Many problems in life have a simple solution; the trick lies in gathering the information to work it out.