Business & Corporate Investigation Services


P.E.L are here to help any business including, public listed companies, corporations and any commercial businesses. From internal theft, fraudulent personal injury claims to absenteeism. Our professional, award-winning experienced team, will put your company in a position of strength before acting, by obtaining the evidence that is needed to make the right decision. Our corporate investigations team are focused on detecting wrongdoings by employees, industrial espionage and company fraud.

Have you carried out a fraud risk assessment? How thorough is your personnel-vetting process? Vetting is an ongoing best practice for wise business owners and large corporations, not a one-off investigation.

Organizations will sometimes try to conduct their own internal investigation, but this is not a good idea. The resulting, usually inevitable, conflicts of interest that occur from such an investigation, no matter how well it is handled by the organization, will fail to satisfy external stakeholders.

The business world thrives on change but knowing which changes are threats and which are opportunities are vital to success. P.E.L Consultancy Services helps corporate clients recognise risk and protect themselves from it.

All of our corporate investigations are legal and ethical, carried out to the highest standards of discretion and confidentiality.

PEL Consultancy Services are experts in business and corporate investigations, we have helped many businesses quickly and effectively resolve their issues across a wide variety of sectors including:
  • Accountants
  • Automotive & Aviation
  • Banking, Insurance & Financial Sectors
  • Construction & Housing Companies
  • Digital, Technology & Computer Services
  • Ecommerce & Retail
  • Education
  • Media, Broadcasting & Telecommunications
  • Farming, Food & Drink Sectors
  • Football Clubs & Sports Organisations
  • Female & Male Multi-Talented Team
  • Transport & Haulage
  • Legal

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In a world where information is abundant but corroborated facts are scarce, accurate and fast business intelligence is more important than ever. P.E.L delivers professional, in-depth and cost-effective intelligence reports that are accurate and transparent. Armed with reliable information, our clients can then make informed strategic decisions.

Contracting or hiring a private investigator to carry out these tasks will save your business time, money. You will have the reassurance that you entrusted crucial matters to professional investigators who have done this many more times than any other kind of business. We know what we’re doing and we maintain 100% confidentiality at all times.


From the due diligence necessary to keep up to speed with legislation to digging deep into the credit history of a new business partner, we have specialist skills to gather the business intelligence you need to stay thriving and one step ahead of your employees and competitors at all times.

Information and facts are not the same things. In today’s world of overwhelming data, fast and accurate business intelligence is more important than ever.


P.E.L Consultancy Services has decades of experience in corporate investigations and a highly skilled team with a wide range of backgrounds, specialities and resources on hand. This means we know businesses simply do not have the manpower or internal resources to:

  • Fast results
  • UK Coverage – 24/7
  • Highly Experienced & Knowledgeable
  • Discreet & Efficient
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Female & Male Multi-Talented Team

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Expert Investigators
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24/7 Investigation Services
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  • Financial investigations (eg: forensic accounting)
  • Asset Reunification
  • Data theft
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Internal investigations
  • Financial investigations
  • Employee background checks
  • Employee theft, misconduct and chronic absence investigations
  • Company Fraud investigation
  • Due Diligence investigations
  • Pre-Litigation investigations
  • Complex intelligence gathering
  • Counter-industrial espionage


Prevent and respond to risk with confidence. All business comes with risk, but the pressure to generate profit should not come at the price unquantified risk. We help clients stay safe and recover from difficult situations, and occasionally spotlight new opportunities, by offering specialist risk management services through rigorous due diligence.

Our risk-reducing services range from risk reports and Counter Surveillance, to protect from damaging outside attacks, all the way to tracking and tracing services, which help businesses recover assets and protect them from harm.


Our services include but are not limited to:

Providing intelligence on new market entries to minimise risk and safeguard your investments

  • Providing intelligence into potential business partners, both individuals and organisations
  • Conducting due diligence on new partnerships
  • Calculating the political risk in a region or country
  • Assessing business practices compared to regulatory expectations
  • Global reach and worldwide resources
  • The advanced tools and technology
  • 100% Discretion
  • 100% Confidentiality


An increasing area of focus is International Corporate Investigation Services, and this is one area where our experience really counts.

We have worldwide networks and resources stretching across the world, a deep understanding of business needs, and the ability to discover hidden facets of business life worldwide.​

Identifying and reducing business risk is therefore not just a matter of checking whether your competitors are stealing your ideas or your customers – it’s a question of understanding the entire field of corporate investigation, and that is where we excel.

To discuss your UK corporate investigation needs, please contact us directly and speak to an expert in corporate investigations who can answer all your questions.



Hiring the right people, investing in strong partnerships and aggressively pursuing new opportunities are all part of the lifeblood of a strong business. We’re here to help organisations check and vet every potential development so that they take the best route to business growth and increased profitability.