Forensic Accounting Services


P.E.L’s private forensic accountants comb through your corporation’s data to find out where money is coming from, where it’s going missing and how to recover it. This means they can also produce detailed analytical reports and supply evidence to resolve financial litigation, from hearings to trials and court cases for both defence and prosecution.

Whatever the situation, hiring a UK forensic accountant can conclusively resolve your corporate financial problems by shedding some light on expenditure and potential theft and setting you and your corporation back on the right tracks.

Rather than resorting extortionate forensic accounting firms in London, it may be wise to keep things confidential and small-scale with a team of trusted and highly-skilled professionals in digital forensics.

“Whatever the situation, hiring a UK forensic accountant can conclusively resolve your corporate financial problems.”


Forensic Accounting consists of dealing with any cases involving financial issues that need to be resolved conclusively.

Commercial Litigation

P.E.L’s forensic accountant can draw up reports on loss of profits, breach of contract and warranty claims, business and share valuations, dissolution of partnerships and other related claims.

For example, you may want a report in respect of a claim against a landlord following a catastrophic fire at a nightclub allegedly caused by workmen instructed by the landlord. The case was dropped following the identification of accounting irregularities by the claimant and associated fraudulent insurance claims. P.E.L can step in, gather and analyse the data before presenting it in the subsequent hearing.


Taxation – 1st Tier Tax Tribunal & COP9

P.E.L’s forensic accounting investigation services don’t just involve producing reports. Our staff are highly skilled from years in the field, so we give out expert advice to help our clients with complex taxation enquiries. These may relate to reports for 1st TTT, FIS COP9 investigations, VAT fraud or general tax enquiries.

For example, if you find yourself in the midst of a COP9 investigation following a cash seizure, tax evasion through cash economy and overseas interests, you’ll need an anonymous party such as a forensic tax accountant to trace all financial records for you and present their findings in the court of law.

Professional Negligence

As a country that thrives off of services, private investigator agencies see a great number of cases following a professional breach of conduct or substandard adherence to a duty of care. If you have been a victim of professional negligence in the UK and this has resulted in financial loss or injury for you or your business, you are very likely entitled to some form of compensation. But businesses especially don’t have time to be researching pre-action protocols, combing through records or chasing up on lawyers and solicitors.

For this reason, it may be best to hand the whole matter to a professional financial investigation agency to handle the legwork so we can get to grips with the matter quickly and efficiently, keeping you updated all the while.

Our private investigation team can give you advice or opinions on liability in respect of the conduct and competence of accountants, auditors, tax advisers or financial services professionals. They can also give you examples of case studies and what solutions might be available to them.​

For example, you may need a professional agency to produce a report on the professional negligence of an auditor of a company following the reliance placed by the purchaser on the audited accounts that contained material misstatement of sales and assets, leading to a loss of £2.6m. The loss is massive, and the legal proceedings take a long time to go through. Our digital forensic experts are often solicited as expert witnesses by firms, corporations, councils and private individuals to step in for both the defence and the prosecution.


Forensic Insolvency

P.E.L’s expert forensic accountants will produce reports on claims under the Insolvency Act and Company Acts, including wrongful and fraudulent trading, illegal dividends, disqualification of directors and related matters.

As a creditor, you have the right to be treated fairly and not disadvantaged by the negligence of statutory responsibilities, misconduct or misappropriation of assets.

Our digital forensics team has extensive investigative experience and years of training and technical knowledge to examine and collect evidence to pursue claims. We often work with insolvency practitioners as third parties alongside solicitors, accountants, bankers and financial advisers to help our clients conclusively resolve their financial troubles.

Within the insolvency sphere, common claims include:

  • Misfeasance
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Preferences
  • Transactions at undervalue
  • Wrongful and fraudulent trading
  • Recovery of unlawful dividends

In the past, many cases of misconduct were pursued due to lack of funds, resources and manpower. However, P.E.L’s financial forensics services ensure that costs are proportionate and that the outcome will benefit creditors.

For example, you may be asked to report on the liquidation of the UK subsidiary of a USA registered company. This would require identifying irregularities in the valuation of stocks and the diversion of sales by the directors, but the time scale and volume of the project necessitates a third-party company with the skills and equipment to access the data.

Criminal Defence and PoCA

Criminal Defence can turn from a nightmare into a stressful and traumatic minefield if you or someone close to you has been wrongly accused of a crime. Trying to prove your innocence is a huge task and one you should not feel like you have to face alone.

P.E.L is often asked to gather evidence and digital data and present it as expert witnesses in the court of law for the defence in cases involving fraud, money laundering and the associated confiscation actions under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

For example, we may be asked to report on the UK operations of a multi-million GBP Ponzi scheme based out of the Philippines.

P.E.L’s forensic data recovery experts can provide a range of UK criminal defence services to help you fight criminal charges. We have a team of highly-experienced private investigators with the skills and ability to go beyond the reach of your legal representative to uncover evidence that can prove pivotal to your case. Quite simply, we can go places others cannot.


Independent Expert in Prosecution

A P.E.L London private investigator and digital forensic expert can act on behalf of the prosecution as an independent expert in respect of fraudulent accounting and related transactions.

For example, P.E.L assisted Devon & Cornwall Constabulary in relation to the prosecution of the directors of Crown Currency Exchange in respect of a £20m fraud relating to foreign exchange transactions affecting 13,000 customers.

All cases are different. For more information on how hiring private digital forensics services can help save your business or private financial affairs, please get in touch for an obligation-free consultation.

Get the answers to your financial problems quickly and reliably from the best team around. Contact us today.


Digital Forensics involve the acquisition, analysis and reporting of admissible evidence found and recovered in computers, phones, tablets, smart devices, SIM/USIM card, memory cards and hard drives. 

Digital Forensics involves the acquisition, analysis and reporting of high quality and reliable data derived from digital devices or networks. Technology these days means everything is traceable. The volume of important evidence that can be obtained from digital devices and networks means that Digital Forensics is a huge portion of how private investigator agencies can help ordinary people and corporations solve their problems.

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