GPS Phone Tracking



The information that can be retrieved even from a phone includes text messages, address books, contact lists, geographical location and even call history. If you need evidence of someone’s communications, if you need to know where someone has been or what they’ve been doing on the internet, it doesn’t matter how they cover their tracks: data and computer forensics could track down the very information you’re after.​

Our Digital Forensics Investigators are highly experienced in cyber security and qualified in recovering evidence from a variety of sources. Data can be captured and recovered from many devices. Our digital forensics services include:

  • Laptop and Personal Computer Digital Forensics
  • Hard Drive Digital Forensics (for all removable media)
  • Game console, Tablets and Mobile Phone Digital Forensics
  • Corporate Data Recovery
  • Forensic Accounting Services
  • eDisclosure Services
  • GPS Phone Tracking
  • CCTV Monitoring, Recovery & Analysis


If you need to know the location of your family member, company employee or physical equipment, live GPS tracking is the solution for you. A powerful tool that makes use of the constant signalling between devices and satellites, GPS tracking involves being able to track 24/7 the places that a suspect or vulnerable person has visited by tracking phone location.

P.E.L’s surveillance team are experts in tracking down people and vehicles using a wide range of surveillance equipment for both private and commercial clients. GPS trackers can be cost-effective as they are less expensive than having assets monitored or protected by an investigator. GPS tracking also overcomes certain physical obstacles such as heavy traffic or weather conditions, which can lead to an Investigator losing sight of a vehicle, whereas GPS trackers continue to transmit its location at all times.​

Some examples where mobile phone tracking may be useful include:​

  • Tracking the location of employees when in possession of company equipment. Even though you are tracking phone location, the method can be used to track vehicles as well, monitoring itinerary to stop times to help you detect any misuse of equipment for personal gain.
  • Tracking stolen mobile phones to help police recover stolen devices.
  • Locating missing persons to help locate their whereabouts​.
  • Ensuring the safety of your children by locating recent places they visited.

Keep track of your employees and company equipment or track your child’s footsteps to make sure they are safe.


We can also retrieve evidence from web-based sources such as social media, emails, apps and much more.  These are particularly useful if you have been a victim of an email scam or if you are wondering how to sue someone for intentionally hacking into your email account.

By analysing and interpreting data retrieved from mobile phones, social media accounts or emails, you can establish a history of contacts and communication for your subject, dig deeper into images and video clips on the device, find out internet history and even retrieve some data that appeared to have been deleted.

“We can retrieve evidence from any web-based source, from social media to emails, apps and much more.”

P.E.L Consultancy Investigation Services’ ICO 27001 license is backed by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS).  This license ensures that our practices are in align with the UK government legislation which will essentially ensure the integrity of the evidence delivered to our clients. Our company employs the latest Certified Digital Forensics Software (AXIOM) and highly-trained computer forensics experts.

Are you in need of information you cannot obtain yourself? To discuss using mobile phone or computer forensics to obtain the evidence you’ve been searching for, get in touch for a free-of-charge, no-obligation chat with you. Contact us today to establish your options.

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