How Can A Birmingham Private Investigator Help With Background Checks?

How Can A Birmingham Private Investigator Help With Background Checks?

Though the work of private investigators may seem like a mysterious work of fiction, seeking help from these professionals can actually be surprisingly useful within a number of contexts. The typical view is perhaps that of a shady-looking detective acting suspiciously, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Private investigators actually do a lot of work behind the scenes, investigating online, using advanced techniques to cast an eye over an array of personal and business situations, as well as making the most of vehicle tracking, bug sweeping and much more. 

Interested in learning more about our independent background checks? Read on for a thorough guide, including a breakdown of the process, and common reasons for investing in this service.

Benefits Of Hiring An Investigator

Performing the role of a private investigator on an individual basis would be almost impossible, without access to a pool of knowledge and resources, alongside obvious recognisability, and a lack of legal knowhow. Get to the very core of that issue which has been bugging you, and restore order to your life with definitive answers:


One of the most obvious benefits to hiring a private investigator is their complete anonymity and ability to blend in with the wider public. Unintrusive and subtle in their approaches, investigators from PEL Consultancy take a case-by-case approach, accounting for client needs, location and context. Minimising their presence while focusing on the specific task, plenty of steps are taken to remain fully anonymous, with fantastic attention-to-detail.

Understanding Of Legal Procedures 

Evidence in isolation is rarely enough, as an investigator will also need to make sure that they comply with legal processes, otherwise a case could fail or operations could be deemed illegal. Thankfully, we vet those who we employ and work with, prioritising credibility and legal expertise. Private Detectives may even conduct criminal defence investigations on behalf of law firms and those accused of a crime, locating missing witnesses and overseeing interviews with them.

Trusted Experience

Much of an investigator’s knowledge will come from exposure to real situations – so cutting corners by settling for an inexperienced firm or individual is never sensible. Opting for an organisation with accumulated years in the industry should pay dividends when results are expected, and you can be sure of a service you’re happy to pay for. We understand the importance of providing accurate and up-to-date background information, with no room for error. 

Pre-Employment Or Personal Contexts

Plenty of contexts may merit an extensive background check, with dubious online relationships and employment matters just a couple of the more notable situations. An employer may favour background checks prior to employing a candidate, as employing the incorrect individual could have very serious repercussions on business operations or reputation. Personal investigation background checks can determine all manner of personal information, and help to discover if a candidate is lying about their previous roles, qualifications and much more. In addition, an investigator  can observe and track a target’s movements while providing an overview of their character, regular activities and past events.

A Which? survey has revealed that 2 in 5 people have discovered fake dating profiles online, and unfortunately, individuals are increasingly being targeted by fraudsters via these platforms. Fake profiles are hardly commonplace and may be used for everything from targeted blackmail, to identity theft. If something isn’t quite adding up, a complex background check should quickly  get to the bottom of any lies and major falsehoods. From travel expenses and airline tickets to simply asking to borrow money – a fictional online partner is likely to attempt every trick in the book.

The Standard Process 

Generally the standard process of conducting background checks will follow a set format, which all starts with a client discussion. During this exchange, it will be discussed whether involvement with the issue would be legal and ethical, before all parties work out a plan and budget for gathering the necessary information. Conducting the check and gathering evidence, findings are then analysed and pieced together, before the professional will report back to the client. With access to many complex databases and records, investigators can find and verify the accuracy of lots of info inaccessible to the wider public. 

Though lots of organisations may claim to conduct background checks, you can never be completely sure of how extensive this will be. Often the accuracy may be unreliable, you may have to pay a premium, or incomplete data will be provided. 

Fraud Avoidance 

Fraud is rife within the world of business, therefore nipping this prominent issue in the bud before it develops will save you financial worry and undue stress at a later stage. Whether you own a small startup, larger locally-trusted business or something even larger, these crimes are something each and every organisation should be worried about. PEL Consultancy can undertake an advanced background check at your request, whether a criminal background check or employment background check – we can assess the circumstances and lay all cards on the table.

Fully insured and with a high success rate, we use only the most innovative and thorough processes when conducting background checks on behalf of companies. Insured to avoid future financial repercussions, you can trust our team to gather the facts and display them to you in a digestible and easily readable manner.

Other Services We Provide

We make a conscious effort to account for a range of clients, therefore our transferable investigative skills can be applied to a number of areas. Able to cover locations around The United KIngdom, you won’t ever have to look elsewhere.

Whether actively out in public conducting an in-person surveillance job, or partaking in extensive technical online research, we fulfil whatever you need when it comes to providing an overview of an individual’s routine, their activity on the web, and more:


Separate surveillance services don’t always need to be as comprehensive as each other, and we will remain as discreet as possible in relation to your specific situation. Approaching your specific issue with care and compassion, we utilise everything from vehicular tracking and cyber-surveillance to sound recordings, CCTV  and more. On the other hand, we provide counter-surveillance too – which is exactly as you would expect. This includes bug-sweeping to identify any covert devices, tracking utilities and other similar tech.

Cyber Security

Cyber security assistance will leave you and your organisation less vulnerable to harmful cyber-attacks and actions taken by individuals with malicious intent. Our experts identify, probe and assess any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your IT system, providing a clear overview of security risks, and implementing useful software changes, additional measures and more. 

Forensic Accounting

Important for any company which employs a large number of people, hiring a forensic accountant can conclusively resolve corporate financial problems by highlighting expenditure and possible theft within your organisation. A forensic accountant will be tasked with combing through a large volume of data to find out the way in which money is being processed. The result of this will be a detailed analytical report, alongside conclusive evidence in the form of digital forensics.

PEL Consultancy Services LTD: Private Detective And Personal Investigation Professionals 

PEL Consultancy Services LTD are here to help – whether you’re a senior business stakeholder, suspicious of a new employee at your organisation, or a singleton curious about someone from a dating website, we’re well-equipped to assist.  By maintaining a team of reliable and highly-trained private investigators, we leave no stone unturned, helping you get to the bottom of incidents in a fully legal manner. Our fully vetted and qualified team of private detectives cover many locations nationwide, and have a sufficient understanding of challenging situations. From forensic accounting to corporate data recovery, you know who to call.

Thanks to our worldwide network of capable private detectives, PEL Consultancy Services are synonymous with first-class detective hire and private investigator services, offering expertise and resources to corporations and private individuals. Wondering how our experts can assist you? Simply contact us at your earliest convenience.

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