Improving corporate security by investigating investment scams

Scams are everywhere. Certainly in investments and financial services. Each year, hundreds of consumers and businesses fall victim to fraudulent practices or question the reliability of providers of attractive “alternative” financial products. Most reports of investment scams relate to boiler rooms, recovery rooms and binary options.

We will explain to you in detail later what exactly these fraudulent practices and many others are. 

Do you have investment projects? Always be on your toes and be sure to verify who you are dealing with!

Forms of investment scams

Investment scams can take many forms. Often the crooks seem so reliable that it’s not very difficult for them to rob you. They try to lure you into a trap, among other things by scams such as “recovery room”, “boiler room”, using binary options or through other practices. 

How to recognise investment scams?

Have you been contacted by a stranger who makes you an investment offer? The following situations are all warning signs that should invite you to be extra vigilant:

  • You are contacted spontaneously by phone or email without knowing how the supplier obtained your contact details.
  • The service provider does not make himself known and refuses to give his physical address “for reasons of respect for private life”.
  • You are promised exceptionally high returns or profits.
  • You do not receive contract details, even if you explicitly ask for them.
  • The supplier is established in a foreign country.
  • You are asked to transfer the money to a bank account in another country (the country code in the account number is not “BE”).
  • The supplier asks you to communicate personal data such as your bank account number, your credit card number or your secret code.
  • You are pressured to force you to make a quick decision.

Whether you are a business with security concerns or a private investor seeking investment assurances or recuperation, P.E.L Consultancy Services offer a no-nonsense approach with a dedicated team of experts who are on hand to guide you through each step of the way. If you think you have been scammed, let it know here and contact your local police immediately.

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