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Catch a cheating spouse in the act. Not knowing for sure if you have an unfaithful partner can feel worse than being in full possession of the facts.

It’s very natural to feel anxious for more information to find out of you have an unfaithful partner, but if you think you should hire a overseas matrimonial investigator, there are some signs you should watch for first.

You know your partner better than anyone; the chances are you’ve seen the tell-tale signs of infidelity already:

  • emotional distance or sudden bursts of criticism or cruelty
  • unusual working hours
  • new, unexpected friends you’ve never heard of before
  • increased vanity
  • sudden changes to their appearance
  • leaving the marital bed
  • new security settings on their phone (on silent all the time; new password; never leaves their side)


P.E.L have experienced private investigators worldwide and specialise in the below locations

Abu Dhabi – Anguilla – Bahamas – Bermuda – British Virgin Islands – Cayman Islands – Dubai – Florida Keys  

Jersey – Ibiza – Maldives – Marbella – Miami – Monaco – Oman – Qatar – Saudi Arabia – San Tropez – Seychelles – St Barts – Turks & Caicos – UAE

“With the rise of technology, the possibilities to carry out and hide infidelity are endless; digital infidelity is often only the starting point and can lead to a real situation.”

It’s never been easier to be in several relationships at once. Accordingly, there has been more demand to investigate romantic or marital partners than any other type of personal investigation in the past decade alone.

A full list of signs that your partner is cheating on you can be provided by a private matrimonial investigator. However, if you have noticed a regular occurrence of any of the main signs of infidelity above and you find yourself needing to find out the truth, it may be wise to pick up the phone and call us for a preliminary consultation on. Our phones are manned 24/7 by UK private investigators around the clock.

When you are in a place of doubt and suspicion, P.E.L Personal Investigation Services offer pre nuptial, partner and relationship investigations as well as surveillance. We also cover background checks for arranged marriage investigations.


  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Complete Discretion; they will not know we exist
  • Matrimonial surveillance
  • Photographic evidence in our report

You have a right to know whether your partner is being unfaithful. Get in contact with us to find out the facts.
100% Discrete. Safe. Reliable.


You have a right to know whether your partner is being unfaithful. Before you start thinking about how to confront an unfaithful partner, you need to know all the facts. Sometimes, the only way to get to the truth is to hire a qualified and experienced UK matrimonial private investigator. P.E.L’s private investigators can deliver you the evidence necessary so you can make an informed decision and move on with your life.

P.E.L has maintained an over 80% success rate for decades. We deliver a professional, understanding service carried out by highly-trained and-equipped private investigators. Hiring a private detective who can carry out a discreet relationship investigation will give you peace of mind either way: we either prove you right or put your mind at rest.

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