What services does a private investigator offer?

Often depicted as a man crouching in the shadows, hidden by his raincoat and hat, the detective profession remains a mystery to many. A private detective conducts investigations on behalf of his clients, individuals or companies, for the purpose of researching evidence or information that may help them defend themselves or assert their rights.


Missions of a private detective

Formerly specialized in matters of morals (adultery, divorce), the missions of the private detective have broadened widely and are aimed at both individuals and companies. Among its missions, we can note:


For individuals :

  • Search for missing persons 
  • Family matters (in the event of divorce, mistreatment, domestic violence, adultery, etc.)
  • Premarital inquiries 
  • Heritage 
  • Cases of abuse of weakness 
  • Debtor search 
  • On behalf of companies:
  • Patent protection
  • Fight against counterfeiting 
  • Unfair competition
  • Harassment, theft, undeclared work
  • Scams (insurance, etc.)
  • Information on a future employee 
  • Check in the event of a work stoppage
  • Solvency
  • Fraud Prevention


To carry out his mission, the private detective may have to travel across the country, or even beyond. Each assignment begins with an in-depth interview with the client to precisely understand their needs.


Each investigation results in a detailed report often sent to the client’s lawyer to plead his case in court. By the nature of his work, the private investigator has easy access to sensitive or confidential data. He is bound by professional secrecy.


Where does the private detective work?

A private detective can work in an agency or as a self-employed person.


A private detective for individuals and their families

The private detective is first and foremost an essential interlocutor to support all kinds of legal cases within families. He can collect evidence in divorce proceedings and thus provide concerted support to demonstrate, for example, the reality of adultery. The services offered by a private detective for individuals thus make it possible to benefit from a compensatory allowance, alimony or child custody, for example.


It can also facilitate the establishment of the real income of a spouse or the nature of his heritage. This point is essential because it is the importance of his property and income is the index that will allow the court to assess the compensation to which the injured spouse is entitled. In addition, the private detective intervenes in the procedures of parental abduction or the runaways. More generally, it is a valuable adjunct in all child protection cases.


The private detective and the search for information

The private investigator is also very proficient in the wide field of information and people research. Thus, it can help you find a missing person, friend, relative or family member. In cases of inheritance or inheritance, he may take charge of the investigation to find the beneficiaries or biological parents in order to allow them to enjoy their rights, in full agreement with the legal provisions.


Real estate law and private detectives

Finally, using the skills of a private investigator for individuals can also help to collect evidence in real estate cases. We are particularly effective in demonstrating non-payment of rent by a tenant or the underground organization of a sublet . We can also help to facilitate the eviction of a squat, a delicate legal operation which requires high level expertise and particular know-how.

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