How Can a Private Investigator Help With Data Recovery?

How Can a Private Investigator Help With Data Recovery?

Private investigators specialising in data recovery are directly responsible for the recovery and retrieval of essential online files that may be used as vital evidence in a criminal or civil case, as well as many personal relationship disputes. This information can be used by employers against their employees, or vice versa, in the event of a work dispute, in family law matters and in personal injury cases.

All evidence gathered by private investigators is discovered through legal methods that allow them to access information databases that provide difficult to obtain personal information about people or businesses that can later be used by lawyers or solicitors in a range of court hearings.

Why Hire A Private Investigator?

Hiring a private investigator is a legal, discreet and highly common method of helping individuals, organisations or companies to solve sensitive or personal issues through the means of information and evidence gathering. A reputable private investigator will always use legal methods to carry out their investigations, relying solely on information that can be sourced through official, legal means. A private investigator is allowed to carry out the following measures:

  • Using GPS Tracking
  • Following An Individual In Public
  • Using Public/Open Source Records To Locate Individuals
  • Performing Background & History Checks
  • Social Media & Internet Enquiries

However, they are not allowed to carry out the following:

  • Bugging/Tapping Phone Lines
  • Hacking Of Computers/Emails
  • Trespassing
  • Accessing Sensitive/Private Information
  • Tampering With Mail

Though currently unregulated by the UK government, a proven, reputable private investigator should be a member of a regulated trade organisation such as The World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI), The Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI) or The Association of British Investigators (ABI).

What Are Data Recovery Services?

In a digital world, online information is everywhere; and with more technology available than ever before, a key part of private investigations has become the analysis and retrieval of important data, such as texts, phone calls, photos, social media posts, websites visited and any computer documents as a method of gathering evidence on an individual, business or organisation.

This information can be utilised in a number of important ways; these may include gathering evidence on a partner who you believe is cheating on you, investigating a business associate who you believe to be stealing from the company or discovering whether an ex-partner is taking care of your children properly. Data recovery services can be used in family law cases, personal injury cases, employment disputes and divorce proceedings among many other cases.

Below, we outline the different types of data recovery techniques private investigators at P E L Consultancy will use to gather vital information and evidence for your unique case.

Computer Searches

Data recovery private investigators will examine an individual’s personal information via their computer to gather a range of evidence from the information derived from documents, photos, videos, frequently visited websites, spending habits and other important data. Private investigators will often use specialist computer programmes to restore private data that otherwise may have been deleted or deemed missing by examining backup storage media, hard drives and zip drives extensively. This means they can restore deleted emails, pictures and browsing history information that would likely be left undiscovered without their essential work.

Phone Records

A private investigator can examine an individual or business’ phone records to determine their communications, providing detailed information on the time and duration of a particular call. This can be highly useful in infidelity investigations, with repeated late-night calls often indicating cheating.

Mobile Phone Data

Using data recovery tools, private investigators can often access deleted text messages, memos, calendar updates and phone records to build evidence in an investigation, even if this data has already been deleted. This can be particularly helpful for companies or businesses when investigating employees for misconduct.

Social Media

Private investigators will use social media platforms to investigate individuals or businesses or to use as evidence in a court proceeding. Facebook updates, check-ins, or Twitter and Instagram posts of the individual and known associates can all be investigated and used as information and evidence in both criminal and civil cases.


Retrieving or recovering information on an individual or company’s online activity is a common service carried out by data recovery private investigators, providing information on specific websites through the tracking of their online presence. This is highly beneficial in case of suspected adultery, for example, a private investigator will be able to search through their browsing history to discover any activity on dating sites, personal ad sites, or escort service websites, among others.


Private investigators can gather photos as a part of their evidence from a range of sources, these can include your computer hard drive, social media pages, personal and work emails or your company’s official website.

Recovering Lost Data

Private investigators can utilise mobile forensic software to both search for and retrieve essential data that can be used as evidence in your case. Mobile forensic software uses a process known as, “rooting”, which is designed to provide your private investigator with unique privileges that only the administrator would otherwise have access to. These will typically include a list of all sent, received and deleted text messages and phone calls which are then later documented as evidence in the investigation.

Why Use Data Recovery Services?

Hiring a private investigator for data recovery services can be a major contributing factor in the gathering of essential evidence that helps you win your legal dispute. Below, we outline key ways in which data recovery services can help you.

  • Companies can investigate whether their employees or business partners are deliberately deleting, destroying or encrypting confidential information.
  • Recovery of lost data, such as emails, or family photos that otherwise went missing due to a malfunctioning hard drive.
  • Recover phone calls.
  • Prepare evidence for Divorce Proceedings, Child Custody Hearings, and Company/Work Disputes from electronic devices such as mobile phones, (iOS and Android), Tablets, USB Drives, SIM Cards, and Portable Hard Drives, Computers & Laptops.
  • Discover if a spouse/partner is cheating on you or mismanaging your finances.
  • Retrieve stolen data.

At P E L Consultancy Services Ltd, our data recovery services cover a wide range of essential methods of recovering or retrieving essential data for many individuals or companies for a range of both criminal and civil cases. Our services include:

  • Uncovering Hidden Financial Information
  • Accessing Deleted Data
  • Uncover Hidden Documents
  • Uncover History Of Online Messaging
  • Discover Illicit Material
  • Uncover Installation Of Spyware
  • Analyse Internet Habits
  • Recover Emails
  • Retrieve Deleted Files & Photos.
  • Recover Deleted SMS/Text Messages
  • Retrieve Phone Records
  • Recover Deleted Contacts

Located in our offices in South West London, we’re proud to offer our services across the UK, including  Essex, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh and everywhere in between, we can deliver expert advice and data recovery services to help with your individual case.

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Whether you are a company requiring a corporate investigator or a private individual looking for a private detective to assist with a personal matter, P.E.L Consultancy Services are here to help. By providing you with advice and a range of private investigators services, we can help you get to the bottom of any situation legally and efficiently.

We’re proud to provide Specialist Data Recovery Services to help with retrieving lost, stolen or deleted data from devices including the recovery of data from corrupted or damaged hardware.​ P.E.L Consultancy offers data recovery for businesses, corporations and companies on scales both small and large. Our job as a private investigator agency is to investigate the incident by gathering and interpreting the evidence you need as an organisation to get the facts and measure your response accordingly.

We always demonstrate a commitment to finding the facts you need to make informed decisions based on the evidence our private investigators in the UK present to you. Contact us today.

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