How Can Personal Investigation Services Help You With Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud is one of the most expensive frauds, costing many billions of dollars each year. According to the FBI, the overall cost of insurance fraud is estimated to be more than $40 billion each year. This indicates that the ordinary household is paying a greater premium as a result of the widespread fraud. In most places, anybody seeking reimbursement from insurance companies through fake claims is committing a crime and will face legal consequences. Fortunately, personal investigation services help in assisting with insurance fraud investigations. Continue reading to learn how private investigators may assist with insurance fraud investigations services.

Types Of Insurance Fraud

Health Insurance

This inquiry looks at if someone is being paid for health care they don’t need or is making health care claims that aren’t valid. Investigators will go through billing data to see if physicians and patients are working together to commit fraud.

Home Insurance

Investigators uncover crisis fraud, including fraudulent damage claims, when it comes to home insurance fraud. They’ll frequently see if the claimant updated their coverage just before filing the claim. Property damage claims will also be verified by investigators.

Insurance Company fraud

Insurance firms can engage in unethical behaviour as well. An investigator can help with court actions if an insurance company collects money but does not adequately pay.

Life Insurance

This sort of inquiry reveals examples of people claiming too much life insurance or claiming it while they are still alive. Investigators also check to see whether persons claiming life insurance are real.

Car Insurance

Some criminals arrange accidents by colliding with another vehicle on purpose, then accusing the other driver of fault in order to submit claims. Others try to collect money for a car that isn’t stolen by committing vehicle theft fraud.

Ways Of Identifying Insurance Fraud With The Help of Personal Investigation Services

Insurance fraud has been going on for years. It commits itself in a number of ways. For example, moving items out of the house and claiming it as stolen is a frequent method of homeowner’s insurance fraud. In this scenario, personal investigation services will undertake surveillance to observe where the homeowner travels, such as to a pawn shop to pawn the goods in question or to a secure storage facility.


Surveillance of a person who has filed an injury claim is common. Surveillance may uncover someone who claims to have been badly wounded while cleaning gutters on a ladder, horseback riding, travelling on exciting excursions, or working on home repair tasks. Surveillance may also aid in the detection of fraud.

Background Check

Conducting a background check on the claimant is another method that Personal investigation services may aid in a lawsuit. This can reveal whether the individual filing the insurance claim has a history of filing claims or has been convicted of offences such as fraud.


An insurance claim may be investigated by personal investigations. This might include looking over any photos of the injury or accident, looking over receipts for property purchases, looking over repair bills, comparing police report statements to other statements, and looking over any documents relevant to the case.

personal investigations

Contact Private Investigators

In supports application, private investigations can explain how he or she can help. His or her considerable experience may be able to assist in determining the validity of a claim. He or she can also talk about the kinds of techniques he or she would use to verify or refute a claim, such as conducting surveillance with the aid of numerous investigators or meticulously analysing the papers and other evidence in the case.

PEL Consultancy Services conduct comprehensive insurance fraud investigations by identifying and interviewing witnesses, as well as recording all statements and reports. Our customers get a comprehensive report outlining the findings of our personal investigation services, which can be utilised in court against the claimant.

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