Why you should hire a Private Investigator in the UK for a child custody case?

Many custody cases are contentious, with both sides making accusations against each other. In this situation, having a private investigator by your side can assist the evidence on your behalf. A private investigator in the UK can conduct a variety of investigations to acquire the evidence needed to back up the clients’ allegations. 

Custody cases may be acrimonious when couples divorce. Emotions are likely to run high, prompting accusations of abuse. A child custody private investigator may assist in ensuring that things are sorted out in the best interests of the child. These investigation services can assist you in safeguarding your child’s safety as well as gathering the evidence you’ll need in court.

How Private Investigator Can Help You?

When it comes to setting your child custody arrangements, judges have a lot of discretion. There is a slew of reasons why you could lose custody of your child. You must use investigation services if you want to make the finest decisions. Without further ado, let’s dig into the factors that you must consider and how a private investigator in the UK can handle your child custody.  

Home Environment

A judge will look at the environment that a parent creates or has the ability to create for their child. They’ll want to know if there are any hazardous materials in the house, or if there are any unhealthy conditions such as a pest or mold infection. It’s also important to think about the kind of company the person keeps and who hangs out at their house on a regular basis. To deal with these types of investigations, private investigation services can help you.

Child relations with the parents

For parents who are not cooperative or respectful with their children, judges are less inclined to give custody to them. A PI can give a clearer picture of the relationship by observing your interactions with the child.

Time For The children

A child generally requires proper time and attention. If a parent is unable to devote the necessary time, the custody case may be lost. The best private investigator in the UK will discover how the parents spend their time. He’ll monitor your activities to learn about your daily routine, and yes, this will be used as evidence in court.

Mental Status Of the Parent

In the court’s eye, if a person is not capable enough to take care of themselves, they might not be able to take care of the child. A PI will easily determine the routine of the parent, identify harmful habits such as inappropriate activities or wrong food diet. They can also spot out if a parent is dealing with mental health issues that can impair them from caring for their child. 

History of Abuse

Although it is not pleasant, a judge will want to know if the parent has a history of abusing or neglecting the child or previous children. A private investigator in the UK can look into the parent’s previous relationships to see if there are any telltale signs.

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Take a look at the various types of custody cases!

Each case is unique, but they all fit into one of a few categories. A Private investigator will adopt the most relevant interventions for the case at hand.

Custody Agreement Violation

It takes evidence to prove that the other parent is breaking the terms of the custody agreement in court. 

Not picking up or dropping off the child on time, having dangerous associates around the child, or failing to take the child to agreed-upon appointments are all examples of violations.

Custody Dispute case

In this, a private investigator will gather the information to provide facts in the court. This is useful if the other parent makes accusations that must be proven false.


You can change the custody situation if your child’s other parent is cohabitating with someone. In the Uk, private investigators can easily help you out.

Neglection and Abuse

In order to keep your child safe, you can call for intervention right away. Hire an investigator and they will gather the information that you can carry as evidence in the court.

Contact Your PEL Consultancy For Help!

Obtaining persuasive evidence is not something that everyone is capable of doing on their own. Custody is a high-stakes battle, which is why you should consider using a private investigator’s expert knowledge and training. PEL Consultancy provides evidence that can aid in the support of your case. Several methods are included in our investigation services to support your case in court. In the field of child custody investigations, we are the best. We guarantee that all of our services are 100 percent confidential and completely private. Give us a call and let us know the situation you are in. Trust us, we will help you down this rough path!

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